Piracy on the Seven Spacelanes by Mike Fritz
  • Cid(deceased), Zeltron Engineer - David
  • Hyde, Human Pilot - John
  • Jon, Lorridan Gunslinger - Justin
  • Varen, Chiss Tech - David
  • Vex, Defel Security Guard - Ethan

# Name Date
1"A Miner Incident" or "Why is everybody shooting us"10/6/2013
2"Sign, or your species equivalant, here!" or "B-'ore'-ding Action"10/20/2013
3"Upgrade" or "Good thing we got a cleaning droid"11/3/2013
4"Burnout" or "Takeback"11/10/2013
5"Reinforcements" or "Repo Man"12/5/2013
6"The Wall" or "They can't possibly be that stupid"1/19/2014
7"A cool million" or "Explosions?"2/28/2014
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