Special Infiltration Unit by Mike Fritz

# Name Date
1"Infiltration Team Wanted: Apply Within" or "Hey, Where'd Everyone Go?"6/9/2012
2"Vut is Going on?" or "How much for the thigh bone?"6/30/2012
3"Grand Theft Walker" or "Does anybody know how to drive this thing?"7/14/2012
4"License to Pilfer" or "We're Just Borrowing It!"8/4/2012
5"Jedis in Training" or "Datapads for Everybody"8/11/2012
6"Heavy Weapons Guy" or "That's a lot of Star Destroyers"8/25/2012
7"Foreign Exchange Program" or "What do you mean you don't take credits"9/15/2012
8"A Flight to Remember" or "We Probably won't be welcome here anymore"9/22/2012
9"What do you mean it's missing?" or "Push the button and RUN!"10/6/2012
10"Culinary Combat" or "Grand Theft Space Barge"10/20/2012
11"Step outside for some fresh space" or "It's Thermal Detonator Time"10/27/2012
12"JTFO" or "Paranoia for Everybody"11/4/2012
13"It's not paranoia if they are out to get you" or "To the escape pods everyone!"11/10/2012
14"An Easy Job" or "Enter the Storm Commando"11/18/2012
15"Bob" or "If anything can go wrong, it will"11/25/2012
16"Sir Snugglesworth is Missing" or " I’ve been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can."11/26/2012
17"Diq buys the farm" or "Apple is not left butter"12/2/2012
18"Stormtrooper Shootout" or "Surrounded Again"12/16/2012
19"Two Thermal Detonators for the prisoner" or "Vaping Crix"12/31/2012
20"Vengence of the Sith" or "Grand Theft Star Destroyer"1/13/2013
21"Two Species and a War" or "How many can we kill at once"1/20/2013
22"R & R" or "Ratmonkeys"2/10/2013
23"Illum" or "Diq Squared"2/24/2013
24"Chillin' Time" or "The End of Act I"2/28/2013
25"Qarn'na" or "Don't even try to understand them"3/3/2013
26"Oh Sheet" or "Finding Bob"3/9/2013
27"Raid Array" or "Point Blank"3/24/2013
28"My Other Car is a Star Destroyer" or "Cybersirsnugglesworth"4/7/2013
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