The Adventures of the Audacious Albatross by Mike Fritz/Ed Fritz

# Name Date
1"And So It Begins..." OR "So this thug walks into a bar..."7/12/2008
2"Dr. Escher" OR "How I learned to stop worrying and love the scalpel"8/9/2008
3"Chapter 3" OR "What have we here?"9/6/2008
4"A Pirate's Life for Me" OR "Raiders of the Lost Supply Depot"9/27/2008
5"Waiting for the Doctor" OR "Buzzing around town"11/8/2008
6"Out for Blood" OR "Domo Arigato Dr. Loto"1/10/2009
7"Double-cross" OR "The Good Doctor, The Bad Doctor, and Our Doctor"2/9/2009
8"Combat Training" OR "I'm sorry you died"3/14/2009
9"MacRescue" OR "It's a trap"4/18/2009
10"The Bomb Squad" OR "Excuse me while I whip this out."6/13/2009
11"Two for the Show" OR "A Captain by Any Other Name"8/22/2009
12"Huffing Fire Extinguishers" OR "I Survived Two Minutes in a Black Hole"9/19/2009
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