Special Forces by Ed Fritz
  • Chen, Wookiee Jedi - Doug
  • Kah'less, Noghri Medic - Ed
  • Richardson, Demolitions Expert -
  • Samaya, Noghri Martial Arts Expert - Steven
  • Shultz, Human Sargent - Ed
  • Wolf, Human Heavy Weapons Specialist - Chris
  • Xipivi, Human Techie - Steve

# Name Date
1Chen and Kahless8/1/1998
2New Republic SpecOps – Trial by Fire9/1/1998
3The Birth of Rambo Squad9/15/1998
4The Pinnacle of Rambo Squad9/17/1998
5Ice Base Assassination9/19/1998
6Boarding Party9/21/1998
7Defend Yourselves9/23/1998
8Counterattack 9/25/1998
9X and the Thermal Detonators9/27/1998
11The Death of Rambo Squad10/3/1998
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