Rumblings of the Force by Mike Fritz

# Name Date
1"The Beginning" or "Ramming Speed"1/5/2016
2"More Crew" or "The Jedi Way"1/12/2016
3"Ipso Facto" or "Powerpacks and Spiders"1/26/2016
4"The Base Are Not Belong To You" or "Power Overwhelming"2/2/2016
5"Corporate Sector" or "Swindlers-R-Us"2/9/2016
6"You Call this Archeology?" or "Holocrons in the dark"3/22/2016
7"More Artifacts" or "Wookiee Rage"3/29/2016
8"Krakens" or "Selling water to a Fish"4/12/2016
9"One Step Closer" or "How many people can fit on our ship?"4/19/2016
10"Luke" or "The First Order Strikes Back"4/26/2016
11"A new Jedi" or "Power Overwhelming"5/3/2016
12"Planetary Destruction" or "There's a mole. No, not the animal."5/10/2016
13"A new Jedi Order" or "Treeson"5/17/2016
14"Gearing Up" or "Tell that to Kanjiklub"5/24/2016
15"A Heist Deferred" or "Invasion"6/7/2016
16"The Jedi Strike Back" or "The End"6/21/2016
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