Smugglers by Mike Fritz
  • E, Human Smuggler Pilot - Kasey
  • Krhkkk, Galydin Recon and Support Specialist - Mike (GM)
  • Lilu, Twi'lek Rogue - Libby
  • Phuse, Wookiee Close Combat Specialist - Justin
  • Porq, Human Assassian - Matt
  • Skittles, Ithorian Ecologist - Aubrie
  • Snowe, Human Gunslinger - Michael
  • Sunny Day in the Afternoon, Human Medic - Elaina

# Name Date
1"Stabs and Punches" or "I flip my table in your general direction"5/14/2012
2"Smoked Pulled Porq" or "Face, Meet Blaster"5/22/2012
3"Companions 'R' Us" or "Who's a good little kitty?"5/29/2012
4"Can this thing go any faster" or "No life signs is good, right?"6/5/2012
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