These add extra customization to the character. They are optional. Limit is 4 points of perks and 6 points of flaws. For each perk point taken, a flaw point must also be taken, however flaws make be taken without a perk point to balance out. In this case, character gets an extra 1D (3 pips) to add to skills at character creation per extra flaw point taken. Quirks are separate and are limited to 2, and do not count as either perk or flaw points.

  • Perks: Benefical boosts to a character. Limit 4 points
  • Flaws: Negatiive effects on a character. Limit 6 points.
  • Traits: Combined perk/flaw. Point value reflects how many points it uses from both (perk/flaw)
  • Quirks: Extra abilities of limited but interesting usefulness


Name PointInfo Effect
6th Sense 1,2,3 +1/Point PER (including initiative)
Acting Ability 1,2,3 +1/Point charm skills
Acute Hearing       2 +1D PER, Search, Sneak
Acute Smell           1 +1D PER, Search, (S) Tracking
Acute Taste           1 +1D PER
Acute Touch       2 +1D PER, Pickpocket, Sleight of Hand, Lockpick
Acute Vision         2 +5 long range shots,+1D Search
Ambidexterity       3 no off hand penalty; +1 free offensive actions with 2nd hand
Animal Friendship 1 +1D Animal Handling, Beast Riding
Artistic Ability       1 +1D Forgery
Athletic Ability      1,2,3 +1/Point STR skills (but NOT vs. damage)
Attractive Appearance    1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Con, Command, Seduction
Bilingual Background     2,4 +1D/+2D Alien Races, Cultures, Languages (receive one/two additional language free at character creation)
Blandness                1 +1D Con, Stealth
Computer Aptitude        1,2,3 +1/Point Comp/Droid Prog. & Repair, Security Systems
Contacts                 1,2,3 +1/Point Culture, Streetwise; contact owes character favor(s) (1 favor/Point)                           
Demolition's aptitude 1 +1D Demolitions
Dual Identity            2,4 two/three sets of complete identification
Education                2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) KNO OR TEC skills
Equipment Upgrade 2,3,4 +1/Point upgrade to one item of a character's starting equipment
Extra Toys 2,3,4 may begin with an additional piece of starting equipment (value = Points*2000 credits, rarity = Points)
Extraordinary Memory 1,2,3 +1/Point KNOW skills
Eye-hand Coordination   2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) Weapon skills, Lockpick, Pickpocket, Zero-G, Starship Piloting, Gunnery and Vehicle Operation
Famous 2,3,4 Character is famous.  There is a (Point*5)% chance that someone recognizes this character.  Chance can double if character brings attention to their fame.
Fearlessness             2 +1D Command, Con, Bargain, Seduction
Good Reputation 2, 3 +1/(point-1) Bargain, Persuasion, Streetwise - you are known as a gentlebeing
Infravision 3 no penalty for darkness, can see heat signatures in infrared spectrum
Internal Compass         1 Easy PER roll to find direction
Language Ability         1,2,3 +1D/point Languages
Light Sleeper            2 roll Combat Surprise while sleeping
Luck 2 once per adventure, character may do one of the following:  add 5 to one initiative roll, re-roll a failed skill check, allow GM to apply a stroke of "luck" which aids in the success of the adventure
Lucky 4 once per adventure, character may do one of the following:  add 10 to one initiative roll, re-roll any dice of a failed skill check, gain a Force Point for immediate use, allow GM to apply "lucky" circumstances which save character's life
Martial Prowess 2 +1D Brawling and (S) Martial Arts
Mechanical Aptitude      1,2,3 +1/Point Repair skills
Musical Ability          1,2,3 +1D/point musical skills
Nat. Res.: Disease       2 +1D STR, Stamina to Disease
Nat. Res.: Electricity   2 +1D STR, Stamina to Electricity (+1 vs Energy attacks)
Nat. Res.: Poison/Drugs  3 +1D STR, Stamina to Poison & Drugs
Nat. Res.: Radiation     2 +1D STR, Stamina to Radiation
Natural Learner 2 Character does not require a teacher to learn skills
Natural Lie Detector     1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Con, Gambling
Natural Resistance:Cold  2 +1D STR, Stamina to Cold
Night Vision             2 no penalty for partial dark, +1D Sneak
Noble Birth 1 +2 Social Standing OR +3,000 credits to starting money
Obscure Knowledge        1 +1D in area
Observation              1,2,3 +1/Point PER skills
Photographic Memory      3 +7 on recall rolls
Presence                 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Bureaucracy, Seduction
Quick Healer 2 May make two natural healing rolls and use the better of the two rolls.
Quick Reflexes 2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) brawling, brawling parry, dodge, initiative, martial arts, melee parry
Spatial Awareness        1,2,3 +1/Point MEC skills
Springy 3 +1D Full Dodge, Jumping
Subculture & Jargon      1,2 +1D/point Streetwise, Cultures, Bureaucracy in chosen area of expertise
Toughness                1,2,3 +1/Point on STR rolls vs. damage
Ultravision 3 no penalty for darkness, can see into ultraviolet spectrum
Wealth                   2,3,4 2: 10,000 creds; 3: $25,000; 4: $50,000
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